Posted by: Joseph J. Skarzenski | June 2, 2009

Class information

This post includes a few more word documents for you to download and view, all pertaining to class information.

The downloads below includes descriptions courses offered at this year’s program, schedule of courses, specific credits earned for each course, and syllabi for two of the courses.

Session 1 students please read:

It is very important that you download the syllabi for “Greek Culture and Language” since that is the course you will be taking this summer. Please make special note of the interview assignment so you are prepared for the course. Also, as the syllabus states, I recommend students to purchase all of their textbooks before¬†arriving in Greece. Books in Greece are very expensive compared to prices in the States.


Course Descriptions

Course Schedule and Designations

“Greek Culture and Language” Syllabus

“The EU and Greek Foreign Policy” Syllabus

Syllabi for other classes will be on the site very soon!



  1. Great job so far on the blog!

    I tried sending my housing app to the address but it kept saying sending failed?
    Should I just pass it on to Dr. Dimitriou?

    – Nia

  2. Hi Antonia,

    I just talked to Dr. Dimitriou on the phone. The email address is broken. Please use either: or to send your housing applications.

    Thanks for the question. I will edit the housing application document and re-upload it with the appropriate email address.

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