Posted by: Joseph J. Skarzenski | July 17, 2009

Thursday write up

Students with the Archbishop of Greece

Students with the Archbishop of Greece

Students turned in their interview assignments Thursday morning in class. Instead of listening to another lecture, we had the opportunity to watch the movie “Zorba the Greek.” The niece of Nikos Kazantzakis (author of Zorba the Greek) actually visited our class in the morning after visiting the US ambassador with us earlier in the week. We learned that she has the rights to producing a movie based on another Kazantzakis piece, Report to Greco.

Following the movie students ate a quick lunch and returned to the apartments to finish up their final essay assignment. In the late afternoon we went to visit the Archbishop of Greece, His Beatitude Hieronymos II. After being introduced and personally meeting the Archbishop, we learned a little bit about the Church of Greece. We were all given gifts after sharing some of our feelings on Greece with the Archbishop.

Before returning to our apartments, we visited the small Byzantine church in Mitropoleos Square called Aghios Eleftherios. Some students made a small donation and lit a candle in the narthex of the church.

Tomorrow, students have a very fun last day planned. We will be leaving for the island of Aegina from Piraeus at 10:00 AM. We should be back in Athens by 6:00 PM and conclude our evening at the UINDY cultural centre with a farewell reception at 8:00 PM.



  1. Joey,
    The JTG program updates and the daily reports have become our companions here at home and we have joined you on every step of your sojourn. What exciting times! To study a topic while you are there, becoming not only students of important events and places, but true eyewitnesses.
    Your writing is clear, crisp and descriptive and the reports are timely and interpretive.
    Congratulations to you, and to the entire program.
    Continue your successful trip with the health and enthusiasm you have enjoyed thus far, and bring home all of those wonderful memories of events and places that you are now experiencing.

    James N. Birakos, PhD
    Torrance, CA

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