Posted by: Joseph J. Skarzenski | July 18, 2009

One final day to conclude Session One

Session one students at the farewell reception

Session one students at the farewell reception

After two weeks of class, seeing sites, and doing much more, session one students concluded their journey to Greece on Friday. It’s been a jam-packed, non-stop trip of fun ever since it started last Monday.

We left from Piraeus to Aegina on Friday morning. Following an hour or so long boat ride, we arrived at the island’s port and began our relaxing day on in the island. Dr. Dimitriou directed students to where the good beaches on the island were located by taking us to the bus stop. One bus ride and 30 minutes later we found ourselves at a very beautiful beach in a part of the beach that seemed very secluded. Naps, swimming, and frappes were all part of our beach excursion at Aegina making it a very pleasant day. In the early afternoon we returned to the port to for about an hour before our hydrofoil arrived. Some purchased lunch, ice cream, and pistachios for their family (Aegina is the birthplace of pistachio nutes after all). Some of the students were also given video interviews, and asked to reflect on certain parts of their journey experience.

At the port in Aegina

At the port in Aegina

We came back in the late afternoon just in time to get ready for our farewell reception dinner. At 7:45 PM we met at the university campus to walk over to the UINDY cultural centre. There we were greeted by the chancellor of the school, Mr. Vasilis J. Botopoulos and associate vice chancellor Dr. Peter Wilkins. A past president of the AHEPA HJ1 chapter and past president of AHEPA in Canada also attended the wonderful event. We had freshly barbecued souvlaki, hot dogs, and hamburgers as we enjoyed each other’s company at sunset. After dinner, some of the UINDY administration and AHEPA members gave the students some closing worlds to formally end the program. The past president of AHEPA in Canada even gave us all a book titled Recollections Grave and Gay which is about a Mediterranean consul.

Our night ended with some amazing photos under the lit up Acropolis. We returned to our apartments following the reception for one last night in Athens. Students stayed in to pack and prepare for the next morning, while a few others went out to Monastiraki. In the morning, many of the JTG left for the Venizelos airport and began their journey back home. Others will be staying for session two, meeting with family, and visiting other parts of Greece.

This concludes the daily reports from the session one program. The second bulletin should be available some time in the evening today.

Thank you all for reading and following the blog! I hope you continue to check the site and read all the posts for the session two program.

To see photos from today, including our visit to Aegina and the farewell reception, click the link below.



  1. Joseph–Thank you for taking the time to record the journey in commentary and visual form. It has proved to be a wonderful,invaluable and enjoyable way to connect with the group. best wishes-Yvonne Callas DMD

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