Posted by: Joseph J. Skarzenski | July 21, 2009

Great start for session two

Session two students arrived at the Venizelos airport this morning to begin their unforgettable journey for the next month. After being picked up via private bus, they were taken to downtown Athens. There they received their rooming assignments prepared by the UIndy staff. Moving in and meeting their new room-mates was next on the list for the students first day in Greece. We continued the day by having lunch at a local restaurant that many students simply refer to as “George’s.”

Following a much needed lunch, students walked to the UIndy main building for orientation. Mr. Tom Mazarakis, Director of University Housing and Securitny, spoke about some of the rules in the apartment. Orientation continued with a welcome from the university and class sign ups. This included students choosing which classes to take and what credits they wished to receive for college.

Some students then continued their day by walking to Syntagma Square. Program director, Dr. Dimitriou, took a group to purchase Greek cell phones, phone cards, etc. For many, this was enough to call it an eventful day. Students returned to their apartments so they could continue to unpack and settle in.

Tomorrow we start off with our first day of classes. We also have our welcoming reception at the UIndy cultural centre. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s report along with photos!


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