Posted by: Joseph J. Skarzenski | July 22, 2009

School is in session

Welcome reception at the UIndy Cultural Centre

Welcome reception at the UIndy Cultural Centre

Today students began their first day of classes at the UIndy Athens campus. From receiving a foundation for conversational Greek to familiarizing themselves with the history of the Orthodox church, students learned a great amount of information in one day.

We all met for lunch at around 1:00 PM to receive the day’s announcements from Dr. Dimitriou. Following lunch students returned to their apartments to enjoy a free afternoon. Before we knew it we were back at school to walk over to the UIndy cultural centre. The local AHEPA district graciously hosted a welcome reception for session two students. Students enjoyed the barbecue at sunset with a rooftop view of the Roman Agora and Acropolis. We also had the opportunity to watch a miniature AHEPA documentary that covered the organization’s history and present status. The reception was a wonderful way to conclude our second night in Athens.

Tomorrow we are back in class continuing our studies. In the afternoon we will be visiting the new Acropolis museum, followed by a visit up to the Acropolis. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s report and photos!

To see photos from tonight’s welcome reception, please click the link below.


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