Posted by: Joseph J. Skarzenski | July 22, 2009

Three days later and still getting better

Session two students at the new Acropolis Museum

Session two students at the new Acropolis Museum

Three days later and session two is just starting up. Students began this Wednesday morning with classes at the UIndy campus. Following the History of the Orthodox Church, Greek Foreign Policy, and Greek Language II courses, everyone met at George’s for lunch.

Our afternoon adventure began at school again around 6:00 PM. From Ipitou street we walked to the new Acropolis museum. We began our visit by looking at the excavation site located directly under the museum. There is actually a large area in the entrance of the museum where you are less than 20 feet away from ancient ruins! Continuing our visit, students separated as they looked at three floors of ancient Greek marbles. The top floor of the museum was definitely a favourite for many, since it featured the marbles that were actually on the Parthenon. Upon seeing the different coloured freezes, students learned more about the current issue regarding the “Elgin” marbles and Greece’s efforts to reunite them in Athens.

By 8:00 PM we were on our way to the Acropolis. Unfortunately, the site was closed by the time we arrived, so we will be returning to visit it this weekend. While in the area, we decided to walk up and visit the Areios Pagos. While only slippery rock now, the area was once the place for Greece’s high court of appeal. As we climbed our way up the rock, we realized how perfect our timing was. Sunset came only minutes after we arrived, letting students take magnificent photos with the entire city of Athens behind them.

To view photos from today’s visits to the Acropolis museum and Areios Pagos, click the link below:


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