Posted by: Joseph J. Skarzenski | July 24, 2009


My apologies for not posting this yesterday. The wireless internet has been acting up recently and I was unable to connect to the internet last night.

Today students continued their studies in class on their fourth day in Greece. Following class, we enjoyed a free afternoon with no plans until later in the night. At 8:15 PM we met back at the campus to take a private bus to the Colonus theatre. There we saw a new play that is currently showing titled “The Rest of Oedipus” which is a modern sequel to the Sophocles’ classic, “Oedipus Rex.” Many students found the new take on a classic series to be interesting and different. Members of the UIndy staff and U.S. Embassy also attended the performance with us, including Vice-Chancellor Dr. Peter Wilkins, who opened the night with a brief speech before the show started.

After the show students returned to their apartments to rest up for another busy day. Following class tomorrow, we are going to a Dora Stratou performance. In addition to seeing the amazing dance group’s program, we will be receiving a lecture on Greek costumes and also a private dance lesson before the performance. After watching the group at the theatre, we will enjoy a nice dinner at a local taverna.

To see photos from the “The Rest of Oedipus” performance today, please click the link below:


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