Posted by: Joseph J. Skarzenski | July 25, 2009

A fantastic day of island hopping

Students on the "Athens One Day Cruise"

Students on the "Athens One Day Cruise"

On Saturday the Journey to Greece students would have the opportunity to visit the islands of Poros, Hydra and Aegina on board a one day cruise! Following the first week of classes and studies, our students were afforded this great outing visiting the historic islands of the Saronic Gulf. Famous for their contribution to the Greek Revolutionary War, our students were able to visit and enjoy a day at sea with stops at all three island ports. This Journey opportunity was another program provided by the AHEPA with the generous support of the National Hellenic Society.

At 8:30 AM we were en route to the first we would visit today, Poros. Students soaked up the sun as they enjoyed a fantastic outside deck with seemingly endless scenery. After arriving, we all got off the ship to enjoy the beautiful strand and view. Some began shopping immediately, buying souvenirs for friends and families back home. Others decided to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere by sitting down for a coffee or juice at a local coffee shop. Within a little over an hour, we found ourselves back on the Anna Maru and on our way to the next island. As the ship set course for Hydra, we all enjoyed an included lunch on board. Within no time the boat was tying up to the boat at Hydra. Students grew with excitement as they gazed at the small port that appeared very busy and entertaining. With the bright sun high above, students thought the visit to Hydra was a perfect time to take a swim. After exploring some of the main strand, some students walked to a local beach while others enjoyed a picture-perfect view at a coffee shop at the corner of the port.

Our time in Hydra was followed by our boat ride to Aegina, the last island we would visit today. With a gracious amount of time alloted there, everyone agreed on using the time to see some of the shops and relax at the beach. Enjoying the afternoon at the beach was a perfect way to conclude our cruise. Since Aegina’s most characteristic crop is the pistachio, some students decided to purchase the delectable good.  Before we knew it we were walking back to the dock to board the ship one last time. From Aegina we began our journey back to Athens. In a little over an hour we were back in Piraeus and getting on to our bus. Students made their own arrangements for dinner and then headed back to their apartments to rest after a very tiring and enjoyable day.

Tomorrow morning students will have the opportunity to watching the “Changing of the Guard” ceremony in front of Parliament.

To view photos from today’s island cruise, please click the link below:


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