Posted by: Joseph J. Skarzenski | August 7, 2009

En route to Constantinople (Friday write-up)



7:00 AM breakfast call was the sound students woke up to this morning. After a night of sleep and a hearty breakfast after waking up, the JTG students were ready of another day of traveling on the road. Today would be a very long, starting with a trip back up to Meteora. We would continue the day in Vergina and end in Alexandropouli.

In the morning we returned to the beautiful monasteries of Meteora. We went to the second oldest monastery, located at almost the top of the mountain! As students entered the grounds they were amazed by the buildings and gardens located right on the mountainside. The main church was an indescribable sight, featuring Athenite iconography. Much of the unique art featured scenes from the Book of Revelations and the Second Coming– both of which themes are commonly portrayed in Orthodox art.

Following our visit to the monastery we traveled back down the mountain to continue our long day of travels. Our next stop was in Vergina. The small city features one of the most unique museums ever. Located under a large hill, the museum featured the tomb of Philip II as one of the exhibits. Along with other lavish, well-preserved tombs were priceless pieces of art, gold, and armor.


The day continued with lunch in Vergina. From there we returned to our bus for one final drive today, ending in Alexandroupoli. Upon arriving to our hotel for the night, we immediately ate dinner. Students checked in to their hotel rooms after to settle in and rest up. Tomorrow morning, we will be crossing the Greek-Turkish border. By early afternoon we will be arriving in Constantinople and starting our time in the city with a visit to the Hagia Sophia.

To see photos from today’s visit to the monastery in Meteora and museum in Vergina, please click the link below (note: no photos of any kind were allowed in the museum).


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