Below is a list of frequently asked questions by students who are participating in the program for their first time. Please leave a comment if you have any other questions or concerns!

1. What books do I need for my classes and where can I buy them?

The books are listed in each class’ syllabus and you can purchase them all on Amazon.com or in the University of Indianapolis’ book store if they have the book.

2. Can I use my current cell phone in Greece?

Yes, you can, but you will incur heavy fees for using a U.S. carrier overseas. The most common practice is to buy a Greek cell phone and load it with minutes (about $80-100); or if you feel you can’t live without your current phone you can always “unlock” your phone through your service provider and buy a Greek SIM Card (about $30).

3. How do you recommend calling the United States from Greece?

The most cost effective and simple way is to buy a Greek phone card upon arrival.

4. What is the easiest way to procure money in Greece?

ATM cards are by far the easiest; make sure your ATM card works on a major system (Cyrus, Star, etc) and you should be fine.

5. Will I have access to the Internet?

Yes! All of the apartments have ADSL routers with internet. Also the college has a computer lab in the basement of the main building. In addition, both Starbucks near the campus and all of Syntagma Square are Wi-Fi areas so you can stay in touch everywhere you go!

6. How do I sign up for my class?

There was a form sent out via email that has a checklist with courses, please send the form back to the University ASAP!

7. Will I need a USB Flash Drive?

Yes! These come in very handy for saving your work and transferring files from one computer to another especially when doing presentations.

8. Are the computers at the University PCs or Macs?

PCs, so make sure if you are using a Macintosh computer you have the ability to convert and transfer your files to a PC if need be.



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