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Monday write up

Students in front of the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Suonion

On Monday morning, we were all back to class for one final half-week of school. In the early afternoon we met back at campus around 4:45 PM to begin our expedition to Cape Suonion. Approximately half way there we stopped at a fantastic beach to take a dip in the water. We continued our expedition after an hour-long beach break. Students were amazed by the pristine Temple of Poseidon. After a quick photoshoot and some free time at the temple, we all enjoyed an indescribable sunset.

On our way back from Cape Suonion we stopped for dinner at a fantastic pizzeria. We were joined the chancellor of UIndy in Athens, Vasilis J. Botopoulos.

To see photos from our trip to Suonion, please click the link below.

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Sunday write up

Barbecue pool party

Sunday morning began with some students going to church at the National Cathedral in Metropoleos. Others attended the “Changing of the Guard” ceremony at Hellenic Parliament. At 11:45 AM students met to go to a barbecue pool party hosted by a local AHEPA chapter. Check out the fantastic write-up below for a report on the party.

The Journey to Greece program would like to thank the AHEPA Piraeus Themistocles Chapter HJ-9 and Mr. George Lertas for their generosity and unconditional hospitality for hosting the wonderful event.

To see more photos from the party, please click the link below.

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Terms for Greek Foreign Policy students

As requested, the terms to complete for Greek Foreign Policy.

1. President of Greece.
2. Prime Minister.
3. Foreign Minister.
4. Greek Ambassador to the US
5. Top Political Parties in Greece.
6. Eleftherios Venezelos.
7. Population of Greece.
8. Truman Doctrine.
9. The Greek Civil War
10. NATO.
11. The Davos Initiative.
12. The E.
14. Halki Issue.
15. Aegean Sea Dispute.
16. “Federal Republic of Northern Cyprus”
17. Phanar.
18. Treaty of Lausanne.
19. Treaty of Guarantee.
20. Treaty of Sevres.
21. Maastrict Treaty.
22. Treaty of Rome.
23. Congress of Vienna.
24. Gregorios V.
25. Diaspora.
26. Enosis.
27. EOKA
28. Ethnarch.
29. Millet Rum
30. Pontian Genocide.
31. Chios Masacre.
32. Smyrna Catastrophe.
33. The Macedonian Issue.
34. July 20, 1974
35. 1204.
36. May 29,1453.
37. October 28, 1941.
38. March 25, 1821.
39. April 21, 1967
40. November 17th.
41. London & Zurich Agreements of 1960.
42. “The National Schism” of Greece.
43. The Great Schism.
44. The Parthenon Marble Issue.
45. “Greece of Two Continents and 5 Seas.”
46. The League of Nations Population Exchange.
47. The Balkan Wars
48. The Young Turk Revolution
49. Bartholomew I
50. King Otto I
51. King Constantine XI Paleologue
52. King Constantine I
53. King Constantine II.
54. Ionias Metaxas.
55. Philiki Etairia.
57. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.
58. Archbishop Makarios
59. Alexandros Ypsilantis.
60. Theodoros Kolokotronis.
61. Nikos Sampson.
62. Mikis Theodorakis.
63. George Papadopoulos.
64. George Papandreou.
65. Ioannis Kapodistrias.
66. George Marshall.
67. George Grivas.
68. Konstantine Karamalis.
69. Grand Duke Loukas Notaras.
70. Mehmet I
71. Katharevousa.
72. Kleftes.
73. Turkokratia.
74. Hospodars.
75. European Gas Pipeline.
75. The Attila Line.
76. Illegal Alien Issue and the EU.
77. KKE
78. EOKA.
79. Megali Idea.
80. The Grand Drogoman.
81. The Kurdish Issue.
82. The Armenian Genocide Issue.
83. Crisis of 1955.
84. Crisis of 1964.
85. 1947.
86. The “Ecumenical” Patriarch Issue.
87. The Annan Plan.
88. Properties in the Occupied Territory of Cyprus issue.
89. The issue of confiscated properties of the Greek Orthodox Church in
90. The leading industries of Greece.
91. The Greek maritime industry and merchant marine.
92. The Euro Zone.
93. “The Alexander the Great Airport.”
94. Northern Epirus.
95. The Third Rome Theory.
96. Cyprus Oil Exploration Issue.
97. The European Parliament.
98. The issue of Turkey’s membership in the EU.
99. The issue of Cyprus ships in Turkish ports.
100. Human Rights issues in Turkey.

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E-Bulletin #3

The third E-Bulletin was sent out approximately 19 hours ago via email. Below is the link to download the bulletin from the blog. If you did not receive an email from me ( please sent me an email or leave a comment on this post with your address so I can add you to the list.

Also, make sure to check out the daily reports and photos from the last two days. Both were posted this morning!

JTG Bulletin 3

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Wrapping up a second week of school

Mr. Daniel Christopoulos (IOCC Director of Development) speaking to students

Mr. Daniel Christopoulos (IOCC Director of Development) speaking to students

Today students readily attended class to conclude their second school week. The Greek Foreign Policy class had two special speakers from the International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC). Students from other classes were welcome to join foreign policy students to listen to a fantastic presentation by IOCC Director of Development, Mr. Daniel Christopoulos and Project Manager of the IOCC Athens office, Mr. Dimitri Djukic.

Mr. Christopoulos began the presentation with a background on the IOCC and how it began. When presenting current IOCC projects, relief from the 2007 Greek fires received the most discussion. Students watched a documentary on the tragic event and how the IOCC has helped since then. Mr. Dimitri Djukic also added with his personal experiences during the relief efforts.

Please watch the YouTube video below to see a few clips from the IOCC presentation.

Following class student had a deserving afternoon off. The weekend ahead is sure to be full of beach visits, homework, and another AHEPA pool party (on Saturday).

To see photos from today’s IOCC presentation, please click the link below:

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Politics and the Arts

Students with U.S. Ambassador Daniel V. Speckhard

Students with U.S. Ambassador Daniel V. Speckhard

Thursday afternoon provided JTG students with a very unique opportunity. Following lunch, we all returned to apartments to change our clothes and prepare for a special briefing at the U.S. Embassy. One metro ride and short walk later we found ourselves going through the security entrance of the embassy. We were joined by Ambassador Daniel V. Speckhard after sitting down in a special conference room.

Ambassador Speckhard began the meeting by providing students with a background on his and his experiences with Greece. He also gave a background on Greek foreign policy and stances the U.S. takes on major issues. Within no time the ambassador began to listen to questions posed by students. The opportunity was perfect for students in the Greek Foreign Policy class who are currently working on projects that relate to the issues the United States has stances on. The FYROM name dispute, Ecumenical Patriarchate, and U.S. negotiations as a mediator between Greece and Turkey were just a few of the topics discussed during the rewarding “Q and A” period. We ended our visit at the embassy by taking a group photo with the ambassador. Students were then given the opportunity to personally meet and converse with him.

Students in front of the Harry S. Truman statue

Students in front of the Harry S. Truman statue

From the U.S. Embassy we hopped back on the Metro towards Syntagma Square. Some of the students returned to UIndy to attend their 4:00 PM class, Ancient Greek Plays. The rest of the group continued their afternoon at the Benaki Museum. The first floor of the museum featured a huge variety of ancient Greek pottery and art. Moving our way up, the second floor included a fantastic iconography exhibit. Students took pictures of a variety of icons while listening to our guided tour. The third floor featured a mix of art and authentic Greek folk costumes. The galleries provided much insight to Greek folk culture. The best area of the entire museum had to be the top floor, which included weaponry, art, photographs, and clothing from the Greek War of Independence. The pieces also displayed items from other parts of modern Greek history, such as the country’s involvement in World War I.

By 7:30 PM we were back at our apartments, ending another busy today. Tomorrow students will be able to enjoy a free afternoon after meeting with the IOCC in the morning.

To see photos from today’s visits to the U.S. Embassy and Benaki museum, please click the link below:

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Week two – Hit the ground running

Session Two students in front of the Parthenon

Session Two students in front of the Parthenon

The last two days on the Journey program have been very busy to say the least.

On Tuesday we met with someone from the Exarchate of Jerusalem. We followed our visit with a walk to the UIndy Cultural Centre. Mr. Tom Mazarakis, housing and security director of UIndy Athens, gave a brief presentation on baseball in Greece. Players from the Olympic baseball team of Greece also attended the special program. After a video documentary on the team, we all headed for the rooftop of the cultural centre for a fantastic barbecued dinner.

At the Exarchate of Jerusalem (church and offices) in Athens

At the Exarchate of Jerusalem (church and offices) in Athens

Wednesday was just as busy as Tuesday. All the students began their day with classes. At this point, many are starting to compose essays for various classes, such as Ancient Greek Plays and Greek Foreign Policy. Following class we had a short afternoon off to catch a breather from a busy week. We all came back to school at 6:00 PM to begin our ascent to the Acropolis. Late afternoon was a perfect time to see the propylaea, Parthenon, Erechtheum and more. With not a lot of people up there along with a nice breeze, students enjoyed their time at the legendary site.

At the Acropolis with the Greek flag in the background

At the Acropolis with the Greek flag in the background

Tomorrow we will be continuing our eventful afternoons with a visit to the U.S. Embassy to meet Ambassador Daniel V. Speckhard. On our way back from the embassy we will be visiting the Benaki Museum located near Syntagma Square.

To see photos from Wednesday’s visit to the Acropolis, please click the link below:

To see photos from Tuesday’s visit to the Exarchate of Jerusalem, followed by the barbecue at UIndy, please click the link below:

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Dora Stratou footage

Check out some of the footage from the Dora Stratou performance we saw last Friday night!

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July 27, 2009 report

Following a very busy weekend of island hopping and poolside lounging, students started bright and early monday morning for more class. With some papers due  along with planned activities every day of this week, students will be very busy. Today is the one free afternoon we have this week. Tomorrow we will be meeting with the Exarch of the Patriarch of Jerusalem, followed by a dinner with a Greek baseball team.

Stay posted for more photos from this week!

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Pool party

Session two program with an officer of the Pericles AHEPA chapter.

Session two program with an officer of the Pericles AHEPA chapter.

Following a very busy day of island hopping, students enjoyed their free Sunday pool side. In the morning, students were given the opportunity to see the “Changing of the Guard ceremony” at Hellenic Parliament or attend Sunday service at the national cathedral in Metropoleos. At around 11:30 AM we all met at our bus to start off our pool party.

The Pericles AHEPA chapter of District 25 was a gracious host to the Journey to Greece session two program. We were taken to a club that featured a full-sized pool, sand volleyball courts, soccer field, cafe, and more. Students enjoyed the entire afternoon swimming, eating, and playing a few pickup games of volleyball and soccer. By 6:00 PM we were all very tired from a fun day of activities at the club and ready to return to our apartments.

To see photos from today’s party, please click the link below:

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