Below is a list of tips for students provided by Dr. Dimitriou

1. I recommend an ATM card, rather than traveler’s checks!  The ATMs are all near the UINDY campus and both Citi and BofA are there. The ATM exchange rates are much better than traveler’s checks as well. Today, you have to enter the bank with a passport and go through 2-3 people to exchange a check! 

2. Second, I recommend about $250 per week for spending money. This includes all out of pocket, dinners, snacks, etc. Remember, all meals are paid for on board ship and one main meal a day during our stay in Athens.  This should be fine, but would exclude any major purchases. I recommend that 
you may want to have a back-up credit card for any unexpected purchases! (Please keep the numbers of the ATM and Credit Card separately and leave a copy of them at home!)

3. Third, I do recommend that student’s should budget about $100 for a Greek cell phone and $25 for a Calling Card. The Greek cell will give you about 40 Euros of talk time (good for a month) and the Calling Card is for calling home from any pay phone. Cells are good for local calls, but expensive to call home. Parents, however, feel much better knowing they can reach you when necessary. Remember, in Greece you only pay for outgoing local cell calls, but you do pay for both outgoing and incoming long distance at a high rate–thus the calling card!  What I suggest is that if parents need to reach student, to call once or E-mail and you can call back on the Calling Card!  I will take anyone that’s interested and help them purchase the phone and calling card.

4. Some additional useful info: Everyone should pack for a week’s worth of casual clothes, a couple of formal outfits for the evening dances/glendis and a nice outfit for formal receptions (Ambassador/Archbishop, etc.).  Include 2-3 shorts, good walking shoes, sandals and tennis shoes. You should try to make it a week, without having to do wash! There are laundry facilities in each apartment and a formal Laundry next to the UINDY!  Have a light wind breaker or sweater on board ship. Please don’t over pack!

5. Be sure a pack a bathing suit or two, sun-block, beach towel and an extra bath towel. The apartments come with linens, sheets, pillows and towels, but it is good to have an extra towel! Also, some students like to bring a second set of sheets, when you do the washing (good idea!) and some like their own pillow (Greek pillows are often on the harder side!)  If you do this, buy something cheap and leave it behind when you return!

6. Don’t over pack toiletries, since most American brands are available in local stores near the campus!  Anything you forget can be purchased nearby the campus!! You are in the heart of the shopping district of Athens!

7. Do not bring liquids on the plane! Remember the very strict rules prohibit anything more than 1 ounce in your carry-on!  It is always a good idea to include one emergency change of clothes in your carry on–just in case your suitcase gets temporarily separated from you when you are flying!

8. Buy lots of water bottles on the trip! Keep your apartment stocked! It will be warm and we don’t want you dehydrated!

9. Don’t exchange too much money at a time! We generally recommend about 50 Euros each exchange.

10. Euro exchange rates will not favor the dollar, but purchasing Euros in the US is at a premium! Becareful when you shop!

Delta Airlines Baggage Policy

Carry-On Policies

All Delta passengers are allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item that meet the criteria below.

Size and Weight Restrictions

If your carry-on bag doesn’t meet these size and weight restrictions it must be checked, and all checked baggage rules will apply. Your bag must:

  • Weigh less than 40 pounds (18 kg).
  • Not exceed 45 inches (length + width + height).
  • Fit easily in our SizeCheck® unit (approximately 22″x14″x9″).
  • Fit in an overhead bin or underneath the seat in front of you.

Personal Items

You’re allowed one personal item from this sample list:

  • Purses, briefcases, camera cases, and diaper bags
  • Laptop computers (can’t be checked and must be carried on)
  • Items of a similar or smaller size to those above

Other Carry-on Items Allowed

You may also bring these items onboard. They do not count toward your personal item.

  • Food items for immediate consumption
  • Assistive devices such as wheelchairs or crutches
  • One box or bag of duty free merchandise
  • A coat, jacket, or umbrella

Checked Baggage Policies

Currently when traveling to or from cities outside the United States you can check two bags, per passenger at no extra charge. For tickets purchased on or after April 22, 2009 for travel beginning July 1, 2009, customers in economy class will be charged $50 US (or the local equivalent currency) for the second checked bag. Exceptions to the second checked bag fee include:

  • First and Business Class passengers
  • SkyMiles and WorldPerks Elite members (Executive/Platinum/Gold and Silver, including Flying Colonels)
  • Active duty military members traveling on orders
  • Passengers who purchased tickets prior to April 22, 2009
  • Passengers who are confirmed on a Full Y class Economy ticket.

Each bag must:

  • Weigh 50 pounds (22.5 kg) or less.
  • Not exceed 62 inches when you total length + width + height.


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  3. Hi,

    My son Charles will be leaving on July 19 for JTG. I am very excited about this site. Happy that I will see him as he enjoys his time in Greece. Thanks so much.

    Donna Hambos

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